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I live in Ohio Cleveland and my house located next to the new Home Goods store in Aurora that just opened not long time ago. On august 13 2014 I went to the store like I do every other week to buy something for my house.

I was shocked today about what happened . I have never heard that customers can be treated like I was today. I was staying with my 6 years old daughter by the shelf and suddenly one glass cup just fall dawn from the shelf and hit my head . The pieces of glass was everywhere but first I got scared if my daughter ok.

She said she can't blink and feel something in her eye . Then I asked her many times and she said to me she thinks she has a problem to blink her eye but later she does not feel anything. I called the one girl who just worked there to clean a glass and she called her manager. Next the manager who I see first time in that store try to accuse me of breaking and damaging her product .

She also pointed that she call to police on me instead to apologize and make sure I never can come to her store anymore. I tried to check out the products I purchased and she also came to me again to remind me to leave her store and never come again. I never saw anything like that in my all entire life. I go to emergency and tomorrow make police report just to make sure that horrible women won't do customer service.

I told her that cause of her customer care they can lose customers and it's just horrible how she was acting. But she said to me she does no care she has enough customers and if I leave she will be ok. I also noticed that she was mean to other customers pointing to their kids and complaining around. How horrible it is !!!

That women should be fired and go to jail.

I am in hospital with my daughter to check her eyes and tomorrow cause it's late now I will go and make police report. I won't let somebody to treat me and my daughter that way !!!

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Ok first of all your story makes no sense and I think your husband should take your kids. If anything fell on my child I'm out of store and on my way to a hospital not stopping to buy things.

I may have alerted the manager of the incident because if the glass fell on it's own they are responsible for it and I would want to have it documented but as for going to Dr and police in the Am the police come out when they are called especially involving a child. I'm sorry your daughter was injured but your a bad mother who let's their child suffer with supposed glass in their eye overnight?

I don't care if the visit was 3,000 my child's wellbeing is first and foremost. So you do sound like you have some type of syndrome I would question if it's Down syndrome or something that makes u a little bit on the slow side but yea you ruined your credibility saying you went to checkout with a child that's blind in one eye.

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Maybe she got glass in her eye because she never washed her face for the morning. I see what looks like spider web on the corner of her eye!

Not sure if you are saying that 'web' on her eye is due to glass as well, maybe she couldn't see. Maybe you had 'eye webs' as well. Maybe u couldn't see her eye web or the close of the side of her mouth looking dirty. lol.

Sorry for your kid, YOU are responsible for your child, keep your children near you in the store so you don't have to come on here and plead your cause.


Something does not add up here, had her child really injured her eye to a point where she could not blink and felt something in her eye she would not be proceeding to the checkouts, she would be leaving the store right away and taking the child to the doctor. Your child just possibly got glass in her eye, and all you want to do is check out the items you had selected rather than take her to a doctor?

You should be the one going to jail. They have 24 hour emergency places and you should have treated an eye injury with glass as an emergency.

to Anonymous #864280

You are another ***, the police said they check the tapes and they told me that it appeared that I purposely threw glass on my daughter's head, it was an accident, I picked up the glass, it fell out of my hand on my daughter's head and went into her eye, it was a glass cup and they were more concerned that I broke one of their glasses than my daughter. They threatened to call the police on me when I went to tell them.

When I went to the police that was the exact same question they asked, why did you not go to the doctor right away, they also said that they have people who deal with energancy situations like this. I bet you are the police officer who "saw" the tape they edited. Do you know how much money it costs to go to these 24 hour emergency doctors?

My husband and I are split up and he is using this edited tape to get custody of my daughter had makes sure I don't see her again. Life is a peach isn't it.


This has gotten worse. They reviewed the video tape and they said it appears that I purposely dropped the glass on my daughter. They edited the tapes to look like I hurt my daughter on purpose to make money off her injury.

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My husband and me just moved in this area two weeks ago, we went to this Homegoods several times to decorate our new home. Thank you very much to let us know your horrible experience, we will never go to that store again.


Thats terrible. I hope this woman does end up in jail, and I hope your daughter's eye is okay! Luckily, at the home goods near my area, the staff is so nice and if you break something, they clean it and dont get mad.

to Anonymous #864284

Yeah she and my ex need to end up in jail. They should get married.

She and the police whom I reported this to are saying I purposely dropped the glass on my daughter's head so I can get money off her injury. The tapes were edited before it was sent to the police. She was more concerned about the broken glass and the fact that I wanted to take them to court over this than my daughter's injury. Even if I did do this on purpose to hurt my daughter which I did not do you know how hard it is to make money as a single parent to feed my children.

I have three other children girl 12 and boys 15 and 18.

Life has been horrible with this and my husband is working on trying take my three youngest children by claiming I have Munchausen by proxy syndrome. What a bunch of bs.

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