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I am writing a message to complain about an unfortunate, uncomfortable, and embarrassing situation that happened to my husband and I in the London Squares store in Miami, FL. My husband and I have been absolutely disrespected by manager Debbie Whyte.

Her actions were reprehensible and clearly not what is defined in your mission statement, as found on newsroom.homegoods.com/about/who-we-are/ (“HomeGoods customer service conveniences include: friendly and helpful HomeGoods associates, 30 day return policy, gift cards, and fast checkout procedures.”) My husband and I went into the Home goods/TJ store (London Squares @ 13580 SW 120 Street) to purchase two large furniture pieces. There was a large scratch on one of the furniture pieces and I asked the polite cashier if it was possible to speak to the manager about a deep long scratch on the furniture. The cashier was very nice, she walked up to the manager and waited until she was done doing what she was doing before speaking. The manager looked at her and said to her in a strong tone "What do you want?" in front of us.

Wow. I was stunned how Debbie spoke to her employee while she was patiently waiting on the side. After the employee tells her that I wanted to speak to her, Debbie walks over to me and said "what's the problem?". No hello, no polite tone, nothing.

She RUDELY asked me "what's the problem?". I'm not her friend nor a family member, I am a loyal customer who has never had a problem with this store and their employees and shouldn't be talked to in that manner. Anyways, I proceeded to explain to Debbie that I came into the store earlier in the day and saw no scratch on the furniture. I also mentioned to Debbie that the supervisor during the day (gave a full physical description of her ) was with me at the time when I was inquiring about the furniture and she is a witness of not seeing a scratch there before (I mentioned this part to help my case).

Debbie immediately responded with "That's irrelevant. I am the manager on shift and I will decide what will be done tonight." WOW, OK that was a great response to your customer. Then my husband steps in and nicely tells her that we didn't see the scratch before and was wondering if she can give us a discount. She turned around, raised her voice and put her hand up and said "Sir, let me do my job.

I am inspecting the furniture." WOW. This woman started the entire conversation with us at a RUDE tone and now a defensive approach for NO REASON. I could not believe this was happening to us. All we wanted was to buy our two pieces of furniture and leave the store at peace.

Once Debbie disrespected my husband, I had enough of her ways and raised my voice and told her to CALM DOWN. I told her to RELAX three times. I was livid and was still able to keep my cool. I then told her "I am the customer and you have been speaking to us rudely and defensively for no reason.

I have not insulted you, I have not yelled at you, I actually waited patiently for you to come inspect the furniture piece and you have been nothing but nasty with us." After I said all of this to her (Cashier and my husband witnessed the entire conversation), Debbie did calm down and spoke to me in a softer tone. I answered her questions about the furniture and I told her "By the way, that's the tone that I appreciate. That's the right way you speak to your customers." She didn't say a word to me afterwards. She didn't apologize to my husband and I either.

She gave us a $20 discount (I thanked her for it) and she walked away from us. You can check your cameras, this entire confrontation happened on the side of the exit door. Although we got a discount, my husband and I left this store so dissatisfied and upset. We were in shock the whole drive home.

We could not understand how could someone at a managerial level could treat her employee and customers in a unprofessional manner. Our entire home is decorated by Home goods. We have never EVER come across this kind of situation with any of the employees there. Having people like Debbie in a managerial role who acts unprofessional, loses patience and respect for her employees and customers IS A CANCER TO YOUR BUSINESS.

I am still in shock of her disgusting behavior (we told all of our family member when we got home to share how ridiculous this woman acted for no reason) and hope she is required to participate in some form of customer service seminar.

She's going to need plenty of it. TRUST ME, you have the cameras to show you.

Review about: Homegoods Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I liked: Quality of inventory.

I didn't like: How unimportant i felt, Lack of customer service and professionalism, Rudeness by staff.

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Lol get the *** over yourself XD that store is always packed and your weak *** feelings aren't more important then the hundreds of other customers a manager has to deal with. Whinny ***

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