We visited the grand opening of the Home Goods store in Flemington, NJ. There was a line to enter the store, but it moved quite quickly, and it made the shopping experience better by limiting the number of shoppers inside (this is not my complaint).

We saw that all of the silk potted trees had tags for $39.99 on them. At checkout, it rang up for $59.99. When I told the cashier that it had a $39.99 tag on it, she had to call over a manager. The manager's name was Laura Krepps.

She asked my husband if he put the $39.99 tag on the tree! That is insulting; it was clear that ALL of the silk trees had the same price of $39.99 on them and we told her that. She still wasn't convinced. How dare she accuse us of putting a fake price on an item!

So then she was rude to the two young cashiers and told them to "cut that tag off that tree" and walked away. The cashiers did not know how to issue a credit so they could then charge us the correct amount. They were inexperienced and I was very nice to them. I asked them to please get a manager, and I also said that the manager shouldn't have left them alone.

It was obvious they were new at their job. The manager was a few registers down laughing and talking with what I assume was another manager; neither one was working. She took her time coming back to our register. She then informed us that "as a courtesy" she would give us the tree for $39.99.

Excuse me? "As a courtesy"??? That was the price on the tree!!! She never apologized to us.

She was rude to us, to her cashiers and never once smiled. Terrible customer service. I hope this Laura Krepps is reprimanded by management for ruining our first shopping experience. She needs training on how to be nice and courteous to customers.

Instead of leaving happy with our purchase, we left the store completely annoyed and aggravated with how she treated us.

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Hicksville, New York, United States #835939

I visited a Homegoods store on Flatbush, Brooklyn, (Junction) my purchases were over $300.....the Manager saw me between the 1 st and second door with the shopping cart as I was removing my purchases from the Store,,,,"Dont take that shopping cart outside," she yelled....I yelled back that .."I am not taking it outside"....she stopped what she was doing and ran over to me....I said..." Mam, I told you I am not taking it outside," she stood there rudely hanging on to the cart. I said" mam, don't you have anything to do?

why are you harassing me, I made over three hundred dollars in purchases, it's raining outside, you should be assisting me rather than harassing me." At that time she said nothing, she just stood there and watched as myself and my husband carefully took our lamps, new bathroom set, mats, etc to our car that was parked just outside the store.

There was never a need to take the cart to the store. When I returned to the cart, she grabbed the quilt that I purchased from the cart and all but threw it at me and walked off with the cart....I am thankful that I was the bigger person and just walked away.....never will I return to this store....(and to think that the rain was pouring down outside)

to Sunshine Boston, Massachusetts, United States #836656

You should call corporate.

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