I worked at Homegoods for 5 months. I loved my job and especially the lovely ladies that shopped there. It was clear that some of the managers didn’t like me. There was favoritism and more hours were given to the favorites. I made a mistake and thought I worked on...
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Homegoods - Yes I'm experienced

Yes i was work home good Jefferson home good distribution company still now I didn't get my incoming tax pepar that why? how can I get?
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Homegoods - We need a bigger TJ Maxx

Here in Parrish Florida we have a huge building boom going on. Our TJ Maxx just is not big enough. Would love to see a home goods and marshals come to the area also!!
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Home goods is one of my favorite places to shop and I was especially excited when one came to Westerly, RI. The first time I went in there I was greeted and asked at least two times throughout the store if I needed help. The store was neat and tidy and the cashiers...
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I liked
  • Quality and selection of inventory
  • Product variety
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I had picked up a rug that I had ordered today. Before picking it up I had called ahead to have the associates bring it to the front of the store. When I arrived they asked me for my order number. Which I gave to them. Two associates brought the rug out and put the rug...
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Homegoods - Horrible store manager

I witness a store manager, I believe her name was Amanda or Amy started with an A, talking down and very demeaning to mulitple employees. I was not the only customer to witness this but I was very uncomfortable with the situation and will not be returning to the Mishawaka Homegoods store.
Customer service
Price Affordability
Value for money
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Today was in Homegoods Route 17 in Paramus New Jersey, went to get some spices and other odds and ends. Mind you I never come into this location but I wanted to see what they had . After looking through clearance there was a bag of pancake mix marked down to $1.50 so...
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waiting long time for check-out, 2 cashiers, 1 dealing with return, stepped further closer to cash register desks when it appeared light went on for next available cashier, employee barked at me to stand behind line & wait my turn, then three seconds later barked at me...
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I didn't like
  • Rude cashiers
  • Customer service
  • Being treated like a trator
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Homegoods - Nasty, Dirty, Messy Store.

The Home Goods in LaCanada, Ca is nasty, messy store, trash in the front of the store, aisles cluttered, pillows all over the store. I have photos that I will post on Facebook. Bathroom disgusting. Not sure how this is allowed as the store is in a very nice neighborhood.
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Framingham, Massachusetts 01701
United States
(800) 926-6299
I like many other customers love the tjx stores. The combo stores are great. Stand alone home goods are horrible for customer service at the register. Today I found two pillows. One on clearance which had two mark downs. 29.99 to $15.00. The other was still $29.99. I...
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