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I've been a happy customer of HomeGoods for SO very long now! Going into your stores has always been such a danger because I always have to walk out with something.

Today I found a rug I really liked. The tag snapped firmly onto the rug by your store said it was 100. I had a sales associate bring it down, and kept talking about how insane the price was for this rug. He put it up front and I spent a little over an hour and a half looking for things that matched this rug because I thought it was the most perfect rug ever.

After coming to the front the sales associate looks at the ticket, grabs a manager who tell me the rug is 300. Silence. And I asked her, so you're expecting us to pay that much for this rug. She offered to take 10% off but was adament about not selling it for the ticketed price.

It was absolutely embarrassing because I didn't have the extra 200 just lying around. She then suggested a customer put it on there and started asking employees if the tag was really snapped on. Right in front of my face as if I was lying to this woman! I have never in my life had a customer experience as bad as this one.

I can guarantee you that I will share this story with as many people as I can. I will never shop at your store ever again. I drove over to your location on the very little free time I had (I would rather be doing 100 other things on a friday) and wasted my time, money, and energy. If this brand really expects me to pay for a mistake made on it's part then you can be 100% positive that I will take my business somewhere where things are priced correctly and management can handle these situations much more professionally.

I didn't even receive an apology from your store manager about the mistake.

The whole time she almost acted like I put the tag on it. I have worked at so many guest service places and to be honest I've had better experiences at the McDonalds in east LA.

This reviewer shared experience about pricing issue and wants this business to issue a partial refund. acoustic_muse is overall dissatisfied with Homegoods. The most disappointing about rug at Homegoods was customer service Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Lol @ your claiming you had "very little time", yet admit to spending two and a half hours "looking for things that would go with the rug"

to Anonymous #1363479

Sorry hun, some of us work, gym, volunteer, and have friends and family to spend time with. I don't know what your routine is like but this is irrelevant. This woman was insinuating I had put the price tag on the rug, something you'd probably do because you are trash.

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